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Experience the Charm of The Irish Pub in Mandurah

Our kitchen is open all day starting from 11.30 a.m. till late. So pamper your senses at the Irish Pub in Mandurah with Sunday Roast Special. You will have BBQ, RIBS, STEAK and CHOWDER and many moreto celebrate together. Experience the warm and cosy atmosphere, savour delicious food, and enjoy a diverse menu with traditional dishes and amazing specials. Dine with your loved ones and make unforgettable memories forever.

Take advantage of the chance to visit the friendly, cosy, authentic Irish Pub in Mandurah. This charming establishment offers the perfect blend of traditional Irish charm and modern comfort, making it the ideal spot for a casual drink, a hearty meal, or a night out with friends. Run by a warm and welcoming family, The Irish Pub guarantees an unmatched atmosphere. They mean it! So you may witness it.

How about the food here?

As soon as you step into the Pub, our friendly staff greets you, eager to help you settle in and make you feel at home. The warm lighting, dark wood accents, and traditional decor create an inviting and relaxing ambience. You will feel close to your innate culture.

Satisfy your taste buds with classic Irish favourites and contemporary dishes available on the menu at The Irish Pub. Whether you crave a hearty stew, a juicy burger, or a crisp salad, the Pub has something for everyone. And, of course, the Pub brags about its selection of beers and stouts sourced from the finest Irish brewers.

The music within!

Literally! Live music sets The Irish Pub apart from others. Enjoy traditional Irish folk music, contemporary hits, or a mix of both performed by the Pub’s talented musicians. Regularly hosting local musicians and visiting artists from Ireland, the Pub adds to its lively atmosphere and brings a touch of the Emerald Isle to Mandurah.

The Irish Pub in Mandurah is more than just a place to grab a drink or a meal; it’s a gathering place for locals and a home away from home. Connect with other people, share stories, and enjoy the warm and welcoming atmosphere, whether you’re a resident of Mandurah or just visiting.

Is the Pub spacious?

Plan your special events and celebrations at The Irish Pub. Its spacious outdoor area is perfect for all fresco dining and drinks, while its indoor spaces are ideal for more formal gatherings. The Pub has the space and facilities to make your birthday party, corporate function, or wedding reception unforgettable. This place is dog friendly too. So no worries at all. Just hop in and feel like your next home.

The food and ambiance inside the Pub are mood enhancers!

This Pub will never disappoint you; if your mood is lousy, it promises to give you a turnaround and lighten up your soul. So just move in, and have a fantastic evening with your loved ones. Its delicious cusine mingled with heart-touching music gives you an edge to dive into your happy zone.

Tasty food is also the food of the soul. Irish Pub in Mandurah is one such place to be. You may visit anytime and enjoy the dishes waiting for you. Indulge in Friar Tuck’s delicious food to brighten your mood! Enjoy their mouth-watering burgers, salads, and sides for a tasty treat. Plus, their milkshakes and desserts are sure to put a smile on your face!

Is it an apt place for a family gathering?

Sharing a meal with your family is a great way to connect and bond, and Friar Tucks provides the perfect atmosphere to do just that. Enjoying a meal together is a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones while savouring delicious food. Here, you will find a warm, cosy beer garden to sit and sip your loved drink.

Whether you’re looking for a light snack or a complete feast, you can find something to satisfy your taste buds. Start with a delicious snack and a glass of wine, followed by a hearty main such as a classic Italian pizza or fresh seafood pasta. For dessert, try a homemade gelato or a traditional plate. With a focus on quality ingredients and authentic recipes, you’re sure to have an enjoyable dining experience at Friar Tucks.

Is there anything for kids at Friar Tucks?

Friar Tucks is a great place to enjoy with kids because it offers something for everyone. There is a particular area for your tiny ones in the Pub. There are various activities and attractions for kids so everyone can have fun. There are also food options to grab a snack or a meal. Friar Tucks also offers party packages, so you can make your child’s special day even more memorable. The staff is also friendly and attentive, so you can ensure your child is safe and having a great time. With all these features, this Pub is a great place to enjoy with kids.


Nevertheless, The Irish Pub in Mandurah is a must-visit for anyone seeking a friendly, cosy, and authentic Irish pub experience. With its warm atmosphere, delicious food, live music, and commitment to community, the Pub shines as a true gem in the heart of Mandurah. Take advantage of the chance to experience the charm and hospitality of The Irish Pub, whether you’re a resident or just visiting. To learn more about us, visit or call (08) 9534 4788.